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Blonde or brunette Paddington escorts

We are still receiving a lot of emails here at the Better Sex Guide, and today a man from Italy has written in to ask us about blonde or brunette Paddington escorts. It is great to have such a variety of questions about dating escorts here in Paddington, and of course we love to deal will all the emails.

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I am amazed that the Better Sex Guide is being read as far as field as Italy but I suppose that is the beauty of the Internet, Anyway, here is the letter from Marcus.


Hello Better Sex Guide,


Thank you for such a great read, I really enjoy reading the Better Sex Guide and a lot of friends enjoy it as well. Lots of straight forward advice about Paddington escorts services, and many other things as well. I know that some Italian ladies like to ready the ladies pages as well, as we don’t have anything here in Italy like the Better Sex Guide.


My friends and I will be traveling to Paddington this summer, and we would like to date some Paddington escorts, but we are not sure if we should date blonde or brunette escorts. Of course, we would like to meet as many hot Paddington escorts as possible but at the same time we want to make sure that we meet the right girls.


Would you be able to recommend to us any agencies, and whether you think that we should date brunettes or blondes.


Thank you from Italy and Marcus


Dear Marcus


How are you? I am an honorary Italian as I spend a lot of my childhood in Venice so it is really special to hear from you. Do you know what, I am fully aware that Italian men enjoy dating escorts and I have noted that we have had a lot of Italian visitors here in Paddingtonrecently. Now, I also know that we have a lot of Italian Paddington escorts so perhaps you boys would prefer meeting some other nationalities.


Blondes are great and I know that you don’t get a lot of genuine blondes in Italy. A lot of Paddington blondes are great fun to be with, and if you check out some of the local web sites here in Paddington, you will notice that we get a lot of sexy Scandinavian escorts working here in Paddington. Many of them work for VIP agencies, and I was thinking that you might like to meet one of these hot ladies.


I am sure that who ever you decide to date will have a great experience with you Italian boys but I would like to give you one piece of advice. Paddington is very busy during the summer, and a lot of escorts do get booked up. I would arrange dates early, and on top of that I would stick to quality agencies as this is the safest way to date in Paddington. By the way, let us know when you are in in Paddington so you can visit our offices here at the Better Sex Guide.

Belgravia Escorts Get Organized


Summer is the busiest time for London escorts, and many Belgravia escorts agencies try to expand their hours. It is not easy to run a Belgravia escorts agency from during the summer. International business visitors flock to London, and many of them like to enjoy the company of Belgravia escorts.


However, getting organized is not easy neither, and many of the agencies that I spoke to seemed to be opening more specialist agencies. In other words, they seemed to be dividing up their services, and opening specialist agencies. Setting up new agencies is not cheap, and a new agency can cost a lot of money to start up. It is also the matter of recruiting New Belgravia escorts which is not always easy.

Not a lot of English girls would like to go into the escort’s service business, and many agencies have to recruit from abroad. The problem with that is that most visitors to London, would like to date Belgravia escorts from England.


No English Girls


Why doesn’t English girls want to become escorts? It turns out that a lot of English girls do not think that escorts earn a lot of money. The profession is not very well explained and many girls think that it is poorly paid.


A lot of English girls want to be underwear models, and think that they can a fortune that way, but this is not true at all. If they were to speak to many Polish girls who used to be lingerie models, they would discover that the truth is somewhat different.


Many of the girls from Poland who has joined British escorts can tell a totally different story. The truth is that the lingerie business is not as glamorous as it seems, and many girls end up being used. For instance, it can can cost a lot of money traveling in between jobs and taxi services are expensive. It is all very well to say that you can take the underground, but do you really want to end up all hot and sticky for your next appointment or shoot.


Glamorous – No


A lot of girls also believe that their new found “fame” as a lingerie model will be very glamorous but quite the opposite is true. You have to work long hours, and many shoots involve getting up early in the morning. Not exactly what a lot of ladies would call glamorous! You may find yourself standing out in the freezing morning air, trying to look comfortable in an expensive lingerie set, and there is certainly nothing glamorous about that.


Many lingerie models find it difficult to make ends meet, and end up struggling to pay their bills. Ask any escorts who has been a lingerie model – this is not a glamorous lifestyle at all. Yes, you might be very successful but then again you may end up struggling for cash. Wouldn’t it be better to try and find a job where you can earn good money for a longer period of time? Escorting can be one of those jobs!